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Yodashe - FAM

Following on from 2023's exquisite 'Visualization' (one of the best tracks of last year) and the equally powerful 'MRKTPLC', Yodashe is back with a new single 'FAM', and I'm obsessed. The production here is sublime, combining heavy, industrial, Hip-Hop beats and synths alongside multi-lingual vocals. One of my favourite things about her music is the tension she creates by pitching light and dark elements against each other within the same track. It's perfectly balanced every time, and whenever the light does break through, in this case, with a chanted vocal hook, it delivers a feeling of genuine euphoria. It's Perfection.

Homework 1 | Yodashe - Visualization /

Homework 2 | Yodashe - MRKTPLC /

Homework 3 | Yodashe - Take Time /

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