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The Wombats - If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming With You

It took me a heartbeat to remember any of The Wombats older material until the riotous 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' popped into my head, and suddenly everything was alright with the world. That excellent single was released almost fifteen years ago (I feel super old, etc.). But here we are four albums later, and they haven't lost any of their raucous energy or the ability to knock out a fucking good tune. All of the stuff that made them stand out in the first place. This is a cracking pop song that should be blasting out of radios everywhere.

Homework #1: The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division /

Homework #2: The Wombats - Give Me A Try /

Homework #3: The Wombats - Cheetah Tongue /

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