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Olly Alexander - Dizzy

Have you heard 'Sweet Talker' by Galantis and Olly Alexander? It's a massive single from a few years back. It's got a huge chorus, fun vocals, and strings for days. It's big and brash, and would have made a perfect Eurovision entry for the UK, and might have even won. But, true to form, with 'Dizzy', we have yet again decided to send a first-class Pop tune that won't translate well on stage unless they find some way to defy gravity during the performance (and still deliver the song) that probably won't leave the right-hand side of the scoreboard.

Homework #1 | Galantis & Olly Alexander - Sweet Talker /

Homework #2 | Years & Years - King /

Homework #3 | Georgia ft. Olly Alexander - It's Euphoric /

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