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Metronomy x Pan Amsterdam - Nice Town (Original/Remixes)

Updated: Mar 28

I've always found Metronomy comforting. Their music feels like a warm hug. When I pressed play on their new single, 'Nice Town', I was a little shocked by what came out of the speakers. It's fucking brilliant. Funky as hell, it reminds me of the Daisy Age hip-hop I listened to at the start of the '90s. Packed with crisp Electro breaks, a strong hook, and some vocal perfection from Pan Amsterdam. Also, check out the remixes. Their own rework sounds precisely like the music you would have heard in the lifts at the Crossroads Motel (in my head, obviously).

Homework 1 | Metronomy - Nice Town (Metronomy Mix) /

Homework 2 | Metronomy - Nice Town (Alain Ogue Mix) /

Homework 3 | Metronomy - The Look /

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