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Hifi Sean, DeVonde & Inaya Day - The Redemption

Does this man ever sleep? Fresh off two UK tours (one with David McAlmont and one with The Soupdragons), his relentless remixing and DJ schedule, and writing and producing a new album, he somehow finds the time to release his own tunes. 'The Redemption' is a decadent slice of House with live instrumentation and perfectly pitched vocals from Inaya Day & DeVonde. As with everything he touches, it's clear that this comes from someone with a genuine love for the music they make, something we should be thankful for because it means we'll continue to get incredible tracks like this.

Homework #1 | Hifi Sean & Celeda - The Music /

Homework #2 | Hifi Sean ft. Paris Grey - Lost Without You /

Homework #3 | Hifi Sean ft. Crystal Waters - Testify /

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