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DJ Snake ft. Rick Ross & Rich Brian - Run It

Soundtracks are a notoriously tricky thing. Even more so when it comes to 'super' films. For every 'Come With Me' or 'Deeper Underground', there's a 'Gotham City' waiting in the wings. Marvel has a pretty good track record for picking the right songs for their movies, and they have struck gold again with this single by DJ Snake for their upcoming Shang-Chi movie. It's an intense slice of Chemical Brothers style, dark electro based Hip-Hop, full of intimidating builds and earth-shattering drop-ins. My one gripe? It's far too short, clocking in at under three minutes long. Where's the extended version?

Homework #1: Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars /

Homework #2: Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground /

Homework #3: Puff Daddy - Come With Me /

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