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Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue

Despite having the strongest winning record in Eurovision until Sweden officially (and, in my opinion, undeservedly) claimed it last year, you've got to feel sorry for Ireland. It's been a resounding no to almost all the songs they've offered up recently. But hopefully, that's all about to change. For 2024, they have taken a huge swing with Bambie Thug. The song combines Death Metal, moments of quiet Pop and some deeply twisted Electro. That mixture might sound completely batshit crazy, but it works, and with a bit of luck, this should get them into the finals this time. Everything crossed.

Homework 1 | Bambie Thug - Tsunami /

Homework 2 | Eimear Quinn - The Voice /

Homework 3 | Brooke - That's Rich /

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