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Tensnake - Coma Cat (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Sometimes, remixing is a thankless task. You spend countless hours in a studio pouring your soul into the mixing desk, putting a slice of yourself into a track before releasing it into the world, hoping that people will get your unique spin on the source material. However, some tunes are so perfect and untouchable in their original form it's almost impossible to match them. This new Purple Disco Machine reworking of 'Coma Cat' will undoubtedly send dancefloors worldwide into a total frenzy. It's an absolute banger, as the kids say. But my heart will always belong to the old version.

Homework #1: Tensnake - Coma Cat /

Homework #2: Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk /

Homework #3: The Knocks ft. FTP - All About You (Tensnake) /

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