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Millie Turner - Starfish

Imagine, if you will, Jimi Hendrix and The Cocteau Twins getting together and abducting a young Brigitte Bardot from a mosh pit, and you'll find yourself somewhere near the aural splendour of 'Starfish'. Millie Turner has pulled off the neatest of pop tricks: making a record that sounds nothing like her but could be nobody but her. It's a deep, growling, amorphous guitar number that could have come from any decade of the last five and is arguably her best single yet. Even better than 'Underwater', 'The Shadow' and the recent Kate Bush-esque 'Venus'. Yes, it's that fucking Good. Essential.

Homework 1 | Millie Tuner - Venus /

Homework 1 | Millie Tuner - Underwater /

Homework 1 | Millie Tuner - The Shadow /

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