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Telenova - Why Do I Keep You?

My brain operates in a state of chaos, so structure is something I welcome with open arms. That's probably the reason I love pop music so much. Case in point, 'Why Do I Keep You?' is precisely four minutes long (my ADHD says thanks) and packed with wistful, upbeat melodies, gentle guitars, and a chorus that'll you'll be humming without noticing for weeks. It all feels like slipping into a warm bath. It's beyond moreish, too. I tried to listen to other songs, only to head back to this. I can safely say that Telenova is my new favourite band.

Track Link:


Homework #1: Telenova - Bones /

Homework #2: Telenova - Tranquilize /

Homework #3: Telenova - Blue Valentine /

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