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Rocker's Revenge - Walking On Sunshine (Alan Dixon Love Attack Remix)

Hmmm. On paper, I should love everything about this. It's a classic song, drenched in sunshine and with a chorus as big as a house. It's been lovingly updated by one of my favourite remixers, Alan Dixon. So why I am not getting it? I went back and listened to the original and the Full Intention remixes, and I think it's a case that they have more urgency to them, which seems to be missing from this new rework. I'd still have a good wiggle to it if I heard it in a bar. It's just not a home run.

Homework #1: Rocker's Revenge - Walking on Sunshine /

Homework #2: Rocker's Revenge - Walking... (Full Intention) /

Homework #3: Rocker's Revenge - Walking... (Hott 22) /

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