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Perfume Genius - Jason (Planningtorock 'Jason There's No Rush' Remix)

Sometimes you find a song that you know that lots of other people will love, but you keep it to yourself because it's a diamond and sharing it would dull its shine a little. I've been sat on this for over a month, so apologies for my misguided selfishness. Taken from the recent Perfume Genius remixes album, Planningtorock has absolutely nailed this. They has used the exquisite vocal, adding it to a clean as fuck beat and warm, simple synth lines. The result is perfection. Shame the harpsichord from the original didn't make the remix, but what you gonna do?

Homework #1: Romy - Lifetime (Planningtorock Remix) /

Homework #2: Planningtorock - Drama Darling /

Homework #3: Zhala - Holes (Planningtorock Remix) /

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