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OPOLOPO - Good Lover (Vocal Mix)

I was a total whore for all dance music in the early 90s, from obscure Belgian Techno, via

underground US house, to the stuff reaching the mainstream UK charts. So Acid Jazz, and especially D-Influence, were on my radar back then. 'Good Lover' was a more minor single for them, but it's the one that has stayed with me the longest (probably because of THAT trumpet riff). I am also highly partial to Sweden's excellent OPOLOPO, so those two things together are a match made in heaven. Funky as fuck, and hitting every nostalgia button for me in the process.

Homework #1: D-Influence - Good Lover /

Homework #2: Stevie Wonder - Superstition (OPOLOPO) /

Homework #3: OPOLOPO - Kobayashi Maru /

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