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Next Door But One ft. Billie Ray Martin - Back For More

While everyone has been busy hurling vast amounts of love towards the finally released long-lost second album by Electribe 101 (justifiably so, of course), I've also directed my attention at something else featuring Billie Ray Martin. You already know that the vocals will be flawless, but there's a massive House tune here from Next Door But One underpinning everything perfectly, matching that timeless voice. Add some stellar remixes from Electrick City and the incredible B.A.N.G! that push things even further, taking me back to seminal 90s club tunes like DJ Sneak's 'In Da Clouds', and you've got a cracking package.

Track Link:

Homework #1: NDBO ft. BRM - Back... (B.A.N.G!) /

Homework #2: NDBO ft. BRM - Back... (Electrick City) /

Homework #3: DJ Sneak - In Da Clouds /

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