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Lord Huron ft. Allison Ponthier - I Lied

'I Lied' is one of the most exquisitely fragile songs I've heard in a long time. If I play it too loudly, I am scared that it will drift off into the aether, never to be found again. It's a heartbreaker, too. It's a letter from a Husband to his wife asking to end their marriage. Not the happiest of subjects, and it's slow to the point of almost being a dirge (so much so it makes Lana Del Ray's recent output sound like the Vengaboys). But it's all been handled so lovingly that it's a thing of absolute beauty.

Homework #1: Lord Huron - The Night We Met /

Homework #2: Allison Ponthier - Cowboy /

Homework #3: Lana Del Ray - Chemtrails Over... /

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