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Jungle - Keep Moving (The Blessed Madonna Remix)

When you release a monster track like the most recent Jungle single, remixes will inevitably follow. So we now have an outstanding rework of 'Keep Moving' from The Blessed Madonna, which does precisely what any good remix should do. It takes all of the best elements (including that fantastic string build from the start) and twists it into something delicious that's so designed for the dancefloor it hurts. I can even hear in my brain exactly where it would land in a set. That's not a negative critique, by the way. The whole thing is thrilling from beginning to end.

Homework #1: Jungle - Keep Moving /

Homework #2: Jungle - Heavy, California (Gerd Jansen Mix) /

Homework #3: Jungle - Beat 54 (Krystal Klear Mix) /

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