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Jessie Ware - Please

Casting my mind back into the enforced haziness of 2020, Jessie Ware was one of the first artists to put new material out into the world just as it collapsed in on itself at the start of the pandemic. For those who may have missed it, there's an updated 'Special Edition' of last year's shimmering Nu-Disco album 'What's Your Pleasure?' on the way, and the opening track from it is really rather enjoyable 'Please'. It's a straight-up 80s pop song, think 'Fascinated' by Company B, but with Ware's effortlessly cool electronic spin on things elevating it that little bit further.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Company B - Fascinated /

Homework #2: The Jets - Crush On You /

Homework #3: Jessie Ware - Save A Kiss /

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