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Jack Harlow - Dua Lipa

Everywhere I look at the moment, people are losing their shit over Jack Harlow. So, because new music matters, I thought I'd spend a couple of hours going through his stuff, kicking off with 'Dua Lipa', to see if the hysteria is justified. Short answer, no. I've really tried with it, but there's no getting around that I've heard this a thousand times before (and done better) by many other rappers during the last thirty-odd years. Lyrically, there's some quality here, and I liked a few tracks. But there's way too much repetition in his beats for my liking. Sorry.

Homework #1: Jack Harlow - First Class /

Homework #2: Jack Harlow - 2STYLISH /

Homework #3: Jack Harlow - Nail Tech /

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