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FLO - Losing You

I've been screaming like a lunatic about FLO since I first heard the MNEK produced 'Cardboard Box' last year. They seemed purpose-built to fill the gap that Little Mix disbanding had left in our lives, and the songs were never less than killer. But now that everyone's finally paying attention, including the Brits, I am a bit miffed that their latest single, 'Losing You', isn't at the same level as what's come before. Don't get me wrong, it's a classic 90s R&B ballad that showcases their vocals perfectly. But it's missing the spark that made the other singles essential listening.

Homework #1: FLO - Cardboard Box /

Homework #2: FLO - Immature /

Homework #3: FLO - Summertime /

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