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Fear Of Tigers - Down To The Sea... And Back (Ben's Re-Edit)

Big news! I listened to a whole album in one sitting. For most of you, that's nothing. But this blog came about because of how my stupid neurodivergent brain works, preventing me from getting to the end of anything more than a medium length song. Thankfully, 'Dreaming of The Deep' by Fear Of Tigers clocks in at under eighteen minutes, and I was glued to it from beginning to end. As usual with his productions, the quality is off the charts. I could have picked any track here, but the opener, 'Down To The Sea... And Back' is just perfection.

Track Link:


Homework #1: Fear Of Tigers - Baby It's You /

Homework #2: Fear Of Tigers - Blin /

Homework #3: Fear Of Tigers - That's My Why /

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