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Caroline Polachek - Welcome To My Island

I would love to live in Caroline Polachek's brain for a day. The first thirty seconds of this single are batshit crazy. Full-on primal screaming (albeit with a bit of a tune). Thankfully, when that's finished, there's a fabulous song here. It's twisted as fuck, as is her trademark, but still Pop Music with a Capital P. The chorus is glorious, even with the accompanying wailing. You should watch the video, too. But prepare yourselves for frolicking along a beach, holding an animal hoof like it was her partner's hand, multiple flying/ dancing sperm, and a tabletop medieval Flashdance moment.

Homework #1: Caroline Polachek - Sunset /

Homework #2: Caroline Polachek - Dominic (French Version) /

Homework #3: Caroline Polachek - Long Road Home /

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