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Bright Light Bright Light - Sweet Release

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

We've still not quite reached Spring proper here in the UK. There's still a nip in the air that's putting a dampener on things. I'd love nothing more than to cavort in shorts and a T-shirt, welcoming the sun for the coming months. So while I wait to finally turn my heating off until the Autumn, I'll have to make do with listening to 'Sweet Release' on repeat to warm myself from head to toe. It's three minutes of the most glorious, joyous, sun-drenched and life-affirming Pop Music you'll likely hear this year. Make room for the Happy!

Homework #1: Bright Light x2 - This Was My House /

Homework #2: Bright Light x2 - Disco Moment /

Homework #3: Bright Light x2 - Into The Night /

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