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Years & Years - The Edge Of Glory

Picture this. Someone at Interscope Records sitting in their office working on the brief to send to Years & Years for the Lady Gaga 10th Anniversary tribute album. After an hour of chewing the end of an SMTV pencil, the eureka moment arrives. The memo reads as follows. 'Dear Olly, before putting your spin on 'The Edge Of Glory', please take some time to go back and watch every season of The X-Factor and aim for something at roughly the same calibre of the cover versions they mindlessly knocked out weekly for a decade. Cheers'. Eton Road would be proud.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Big Freedia - Judas /

Homework #2: Orville Peck - Born This Way /

Homework #3: Kylie Minogue - Marry The Night /

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