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VICTORIA - growing up is getting old

I know certain people hate it, but every year the Eurovision Song Contest quietly chucks out a few genuinely fantastic pop songs that are way too good for the competition. There's a Dutch song from way back in 2013 called 'Birds' by Anouk, which I still revisit a couple of times a week even now. This year's Bulgarian entry, 'growing up is getting old', from VICTORIA is a stripped-back, string-laden Låpsley / Billie Eilish style ballad that smashes my heart into tiny little pieces each time I listen to it. Put your prejudices to one side, and give this a go.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Anouk - Birds /

Homework #2: Norma John - Blackbird /

Homework #3: Låpsley - Speaking of the End /

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