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Hifi Sean - The Redemption (Jordan Nocturne Remix)

Hifi Sean's 'The Redemption' was a stormer of a tune prior to Jordan Nocturne getting his hands on it. But this new rework has kicked things up a notch and then some. It has so much bounce that it feels like he popped the track into a washing machine with some Space Hoppers and a bucket of popping candy before hooking it up to a mixing desk to record the results. It's absolutely wild. I mean all of this positively, of course. It's precisely the kind of decadent, glamorous House music I used to lose my shit to every week. 

Homework 1 | Hifi Sean - The Redemption /

Homework 2 | Jordan Nocturne - Musique /

Homework 3 | Sleaford Mods - West End Girls (Hifi Sean) /

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