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Tori Amos - Speaking With Trees

Picture this, Sicily 1923... Only joking. More like Bristol 1992. I was eighteen and a complete musical sponge. I would listen to anything I could get my hands on. Although, to be fair, it had mostly been obnoxiously aggressive, male-centric guitar bands up until then. I remember hearing 'Crucify' for the first time and being completely floored by it. Such intricacy and beauty. Tori Amos became my gateway to a whole universe of female singers and songwriters. Here we are, almost thirty years later, and she is still turning out sparking nuggets of perfection like the exquisite 'Speaking With Trees'.

Homework #1: Tori Amos - Crucify /

Homework #2: BT ft. Tori Amos - Blue Skies (PvD Remix) /

Homework #3: Tori Amos - A Nightingale Sang... /

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