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Tammie Brown - We Like To Party

When it's done right, I love a bit of 90s EuroCheese. However, 'We Like To Party' by The Vengaboys is arguably one of the worst songs of the decade. But fear not, in the creative and extraordinary hands of the wondrous Tammie Brown and producer Markaholic, the cheese has gone, and it's been transformed into one of the most uplifting slices of music you'll hear all year. It's packed with unbridled joy that surpasses the original in every conceivable way. There's even a sample of 'Clear' by Cybotron here, which bizarrely makes total sense. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.

Homework 1 | Tammie Brown - Porta Potty Prostitute /

Homework 2 | Tammie Brown - Clam Happy /

Homework 3 | Tammie Brown - In MY Blood /

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