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Noga Erez - Knockout (Against The Machine)

One of my favourite tunes to come out of 2020's global lockdown was the fantastic 'NO News On TV' by Noga Erez, an excellent pop star from Israel. Everything I've heard of hers sounds different in some way. Her new single 'Knockout' is set firmly in a 1920s speakeasy. But, for me, the diversity in her material defies categorisation. Saying that, if you do feel the need to file your music away neatly, this sits alongside the recent St Vincent singles, 'The Clapping Song', Public Enemy and the Bugsy Malone soundtrack. It's quirky, charismatic and brilliant from start to finish.

Homework #1: Noga Erez - Knockout (Original Version) /

Homework #2: Noga Erez - NO News On TV /

Homework #3: Noga Erez - End Of The Road /

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