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Michael Kiwanuka - Beautiful Life

No messing about, 'Beautiful Life' is a lo-fi version of Portishead's 'All Mine' but with most of the brass section stripped out. That doesn't mean I don't like it because there is an awful lot to love here. As usual, Kiwanuka's vocals are fantastic. Haunting and full of emotion. I can totally see why he took the Mercury in a very strong year. It has an orchestral feel, similar to the David Arnold Bond work or his stellar collaboration with Björk, 'Play Dead'. Run yourself a nice warm bath, crack open a bottle of wine, and give this a listen.

Homework #1: Portishead - All Mine (Live) /

Homework #2: Björk & David Arnold - Play Dead /

Homework #3: Michael Kiwanuka - You Ain't The Problem /

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