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Michael Gray & James Hurr ft. RoRoe - Jump In

Sometimes you hear a single that checks off every requirement in your brain instantly. It takes me a maximum of about thirty seconds to decide whether or not something is the best pop song ever released (today) or not. 'Jump In' grabbed me by the balls in just over half that time. It's actually perfect. Catchy as fuck Hip-House, but definitely on the poppier side of things, with a big fat bassline and a great riff underpinning it, it does almost everything right. I do have one gripe. Clocking in at under three minutes, It's way too short. Otherwise, flawless.

Homework #1: Booty Luv - Dance Dance /

Homework #2: Tin Tin Out featuring Sweet Tee - The Feeling /

Homework #3: Mirrorball - Given Up /

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