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LSDXOXO - Sick Bitch (Dedicated 2 Disrespect EP)

You've got to give credit where it's due. XL Recordings have never forgotten their roots. I bought early underground Techno releases from artists like Moby and Ellis-D on the label back at the start of the nineties. LSDXOXO carries on that tradition in a spectacular and unapologetically Black and Queer fashion. If Peaches and Green Velvet got married and had Jeff Mills as a baby and then put him into a studio, 'Sick Bitch' would be the result. It's incredible and absolutely filthy, in the best way possible. Don't listen to it with your kids or grandparents in the room.

Homework #1: Peaches - Pussy Mask /

Homework #2: Jeff Mills - The Bells /

Homework #2: Green Velvet - Flash /

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