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Ladyhawke & Broods - Guilty Love

Silly me thinking that her collaboration with Pnau last year was a one-off. Ladyhawke is back with a vengeance, kicking things off by teaming up with Broods for 'Guilty Love', which is an absolute stormer of a single. There's no messing about here. You are instantly clobbered over the head with a bassline and drums straight out of the best 1970s Glam Rock track you've never heard. The chorus is unquestionably massive, too. All of that, and it's driving home the message that its ok to love whoever you want to love, and everyone else's opinion can fuck off. Glorious.

Homework #1: Pnau ft. Ladyhawke - River /

Homework #2: Broods - Too Proud /

Homework #3: Ladyhawke - My Delerium /

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