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Jan Blomqvist x Bloom Twins - High On Beat (Sofi Tukker Mix)

One of the things I love about remixes is their ability to reinvent the wheel. Take something like Paul Oakenfold's rework of 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' by U2 rebuilt from the ground up into perfection. But conversely, if the source material is top quality, it only takes a little bit of a boost to make a great song all the more extraordinary. This remix of the already excellent pop number 'High On Beat' falls into the latter category and immediately gives me the same feels as 'Touch Me' by Rui Da Silva. Which is no small compliment, obviously.

Homework #1: Jan Blomqvist x Bloom Twins - High On Beat /

Homework #2: Rui Da Silva - Touch Me /

Homework #3: U2 - Even Better Than... (Perfecto Remix) /

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