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Gabriels - Blame

Last year's excellent 'Love and Hate in a Different Time' from Gabriels was one of those word of mouth tracks that friends passed around to each other with an insistent 'you have to give this a listen, right now' message attached to it. A glorious fusion of Soul, Gospel, and modern production techniques. It reminded me of the first time I heard Portishead's game-changing 'Sour Times' in the nineties. Their flawless new single, 'Blame', carries on exactly where that left off but stripping things back further to plant the song firmly alongside the likes of Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan.

Homework #1: Gabriels - Love And Hate In A Different Time /

Homework #2: Sarah Vaughan - Tenderly /

Homework #3: Portishead - Sour Times /

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