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Erasure - Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) (Hifi Sean Remix)

Out of all of the great new material they released last year, 'Hey Now...' was probably my least favourite track. I just found it a bit flat compared to the likes of the superb 'Nerves of Steel'. But this excellent Hifi Sean remix transforms it into something reminiscent of their late 80s tracks, but with lots of neat extra touches of 2021 throughout (I especially love the nasty little acid lines near the end). I am not 100% sure how he has managed to pull it off, but he's made Erasure sound even more like Erasure than they already did.

Homework #1: Erasure - Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) /

Homework #2: Erasure - Nerves of Steel /

Homework #3: Erasure - Drama! /

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