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Easy Life - Skeletons

I've been following Easy Life for a couple of years now, and I think they have finally struck gold with 'Skeletons'. There's a lot to enjoy here. Laidback, swaggering, beach bar house beats, a fat assed bassline, and the lyrics and vocals are mindblowing. They deserve an Ivor Novello award solely for the line 'Our future's all Kombucha'. After spending a few hours with it, I can honestly say that you will love this song because it's actually perfect. It's just so easy to listen to and will be an essential part of the soundtrack for this year's post-lockdown summer.

Homework #1: Easy Life & Arlo Parks - Sangria /

Homework #2: Easy Life - Daydreams /

Homework #3: Easy Life - Nightmares /

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