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dodie - Hate Myself (Georgia Remix)

There is no doubt that Georgia has delivered nothing less than a cracking remix of this already excellent dodie track. It's upbeat, bright, and completely addictive. But it also suffers from an age-old problem in pop music. You can't really hear the lyrics properly. It's challenging to decipher what she's saying because of all the echo. It's still a great rework, though. On the upside, it has reminded me of my favourite misheard lyric of all time. It's verse one, line three of 'Rhythm of the Night' by Corona. 'Take Me to Taunton and Baby I'll Make You a Steak'.

Track Link:

Homework #1: dodie - Hate Myself /

Homework #2: AURORA - Apple Tree (Georgia Remix) /

Homework #3: Corona - Rhythm Of The Night /

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