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Cola Boyy ft. The Avalanches - Don't Forget Your Neighborhood

Cola Boyy's recent collaboration with The Avalanches was one of the standout tracks of last year, so it makes sense they would work together again. But we should all be extremely thankful that they have done it so quickly because this song is dynamite. 'Don't Forget Your Neighborhood' is possibly the most joyous and pure songs you will ever hear. It comes across like Purple Disco Machine meets The Beach Boys (with a pinch of Barry Manilow piano chucked into the mix for good measure). It's the dictionary definition of infectious, and I am going to listen to it forever.

Homework #1: The Avalanches ft. Cola Boyy - We Go On /

Homework #2: Cola Boyy ft. MGMT - Kid Born In Space / Homework #3: Chilly Gonzalez - You Can Dance /

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