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Baby Dave - Washing Machine

Today is a GOOD day because we've been gifted with a new Baby Dave single. Trying to follow up the sublime 'Too Shy For Tennis' was always going to be tricky, but 'Washing Machine' smashes it out of the park and then some. It's another intensely personal track that delves further into former Slaves frontman Isaac Holman's recent mental health issues. Sounding not unlike early 80s Depeche Mode, it's beyond addictive. Lyrically perfect, the 'Cure The Headache, Cut Off The Head' couplet is worth your time on its own. Extra points for the Corey Hart reference and a cracking video.

Homework #1: Baby Dave - Too Shy For Tennis /

Homework #2: Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night /

Homework #3: White Town - Your Woman /

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