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Yuksek ft. Confidence Man - Gorgeous (Dombrance Remix)

Yuksek is the nuts. In fact, there's probably no one else this year I've paid as much attention to. I let out a squeal when I saw this package of remixes had appeared. When I noticed that there was also a Dombrance remix a bit of pee came out. This is a match made in heaven and it doesn't disappoint. What you've got here in spades is nothing less than pristine Space Disco. It's a builder, so give it a tick to kick in, but bear with it and you'll be justly rewarded. The Jack Burton remix is filthy, too.

Track Link:

Homework #1: DBFC - Autonomic /

Homework #2: Fred Pallem - L'Odyssée /

Homework #3: Yuksek - Into The Light /

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