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I could easily write more words praising the exquisite production, shade and texture that Yodashe delivers with each new track, something that 'CHRYSALID' has in spades. But this time, the star for me is the vocals, which are strong yet delicate and perfectly bind everything together. The whole package is one of the most emotional pieces of Electronica I've heard in ages, and on a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it's a borderline religious experience. Imagine, for a second, how 'Teardrop' would have sounded if Massive Attack were from Mars and Liz Frazer was an android. This is next level.

Homework 1 | Yodashe - Visualisation /

Homework 2 | Yodashe - FAM /

Homework 3 | Yodashe - EASTER /

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