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Years & Years - Crave

Still trading under the Years & Years moniker despite becoming a solo artist, this is by far Olly Alexander's best single since 'King'. His falsetto vocal and harmonies sit beautifully on top of the slutty electro backing track, which sort of has a flamenco twist that I am loving. It's all really rather good. My only minor gripe with it is that the accompanying video comes across as a sanitised version of the numerous Lil Nas X visual storytelling masterpieces we've had over the last year. You can't do that kind of thing half-heartedly. It needs lots more whipping, basically.

Homework #1: Years & Years - King /

Homework #2: Lil Nas X - Montero (Call Me By Your Name) /

Homework #3: The Magician ft. Years & Years - Sunlight /

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