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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Wolf (Boys Noize Remix)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Until today, if you'd asked me what my favourite Yeah Yeah Yeahs track of the year was, I would have screamed 'Burning' at the top of my lungs so loudly that everyone within a ten-mile radius could hear. But now we've welcomed this mind-blowing, Italo-House Boys Noize remix of 'Wolf' that is so flawless that 'Music' (yes, all of it) needs to go and find a quiet room somewhere, sit down, and have a good long chat with itself and work out how it's going to up it's game. Every element here is perfectly balanced, and the result is flawless.

Homework #1: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Wolf /

Homework #2: Boys Noize ft. Jake Shears - All I Want /

Homework #3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Burning /

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