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Yeah Yeah Yeahs ft. Perfume Genius - Spitting Off The Edge...

It's been almost ten whole years since we had any material from the Yeah Yeahs. Thankfully, Karen O and the band are back and have teamed up with fellow musical powerhouse Perfume Genius to drop an absolute monster of a single. It's an ode to the fear and anger many young people now face due to the impending climate catastrophe. Both acts are on fire here, showcasing their talents exquisitely, and the production is phenomenal. All twisted guitars and crashing drums, with an incredible build to it. By the end, your head will be spinning in the best way possible.

Homework #1: Karen O & Danger Mouse - Woman /

Homework #2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps /

Homework #3: Perfume Genius - On The Floor /

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