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Yard Act - Dark Days

Last year's 'Fixer Up' from this lot was a brilliant slice of riff-driven social commentary, and thankfully it wasn't a one-off. 'Dark Days' is a belter of a follow-up, held together with the same aggressive guitars and drum work that made their previous single so great. It's stuffed full of dynamite vocal poetry ('I'm not lazy, ambition's just something I've no interest in' is genius) that'll put a massive smile on your face. Worth mentioning that the chorus is either a tribute to or a direct lift from Roxy Music's 'Love Is The Drug'. But that's no bad thing, right?

Track Link:

Homework #1: Yard Act - Fixer Upper /

Homework #2: Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug /

Homework #3: Vintage Crop - The North /

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