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Yard Act - 100% Endurance (Elton John Version)

For years, Elton John has had a very public obsession with new music. He's always screaming about his discoveries to anyone who'll listen. Basically, he's me but with nicer clothes, more hair, and a much larger budget. He's obviously spotted the excellent Yard Act and has teamed up to record an updated version of their track, '100% Endurance'. Adding lush strings, pianos and a few vocal touches. The rework has smoothed out the band's trademark rough edges without losing their sound, creating something heavenly. There's also a cracking, almost country cover of 'Tiny Dancer' here, which is worth your time.

Homework #1: Yard Act - Tiny Dancer /

Homework #2: Yard Act - 100% Endurance /

Homework #3: Yard Act - Fixer Upper /

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