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Woo!Ah! - Rollercoaster

On some days, only K-Pop will do. I'm not talking about boy bands. They don't interest me at all. However, anyone with functioning ears can hear that their girl groups are something else. They throw everything at their songs. Nothing is held back, and the resulting tracks are Pop Music in its purest form. Cue Woo!Ah! (best band name ever, right?) and their new single, 'Rollercoaster'. Imagine Little Mix at their most potent, then times it by about a thousand, and you're there. Music snobs need not apply, obviously. But for the rest of you, give in to the sunshine.

Homework #1: Woo!Ah! - Danger /

Homework #2: BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez - Ice Cream /

Homework #3: Little Mix - Wings /

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