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Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - YoYo Disco (PDM Remix)

The original release of 'YoYo Disco' from the end of last year is magnificent. All wonky as fuck synths and cowbells that trigger memories of Hell's phenomenal 'International Deejay Gigolo' imprint from the early 2000s. As Defected picked up this, it was bound to get touched by the hand of Purple Disco Machine. I've mentioned that I think his stuff is a bit hit or miss, and this one landed somewhere in the middle. It still has a few of the original's quirky elements, but he has smoothed everything out too much. I'll stick with the batshit crazy version, thanks.

Homework #1 | Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - YoYo Disco /

Homework #2 | Christopher Just - I'm A Disco Dancer /

Homework #3 | Wolfram ft. Peaches - Automatic /

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