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Winnetka Bowling League & The Knocks - I Like To Hide...

I am all for quirky band names in pop. As a nod to the late Victoria Wood, I would love to start a musical collective called 'The Pauline Mowbray Skiffle Experience'. The first time I saw the name Winnetka Bowling League a couple of years ago, I was sold instantly. Thankfully, their music has always lived up to that name, and this new song (complete with its equally long and absurd title) is pretty good, too. Teaming up with The Knocks has helped. Smoothing out their sound slightly, pushing it in a poppier direction, and I am here for it.

Homework #1: WBL - Kangaroo /

Homework #2: WBL - Come To The Beach /

Homework #3: WBL - Congratulations /

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