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Willow Kayne - Final Notice

To twist some words of wisdom from General Levy ever so slightly, this storming new single from Willow Kayne is proof that Junglist STILL Massive. She's from Bristol, my hometown, and thanks to artists like DJ Krust and Roni Size, it was everywhere when I was a teenager, blasting out of every car and window. It's a sound that becomes even more potent when paired with a killer vocal like it is here. It's dynamite. Also, if that isn't enough, the video is giving me intense Human Traffic 'Record Shop' scene flashbacks, which can only be a good thing. Quality.

Homework #1: Willow Kayne - Faces Change /

Homework #2: DJ Krust - Warhead /

Homework #3: M-Beat ft. General Levy - Incredible /

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